Introducing the 4 EVER FIT clothing range all designs have been exclusively designed by Boost Gymwear.

Comfort in the gym is often not easy to come by. We drown ourselves in baggy shorts and big t-shirts thinking that because they are loose that we will be comfortable. When in fact they become heavy and weigh us down. 4 Ever Fit- Boost Gym wear is South Africa's leading gym wear supplier. Voted the best in the industry, they continue providing high quality gymwear products. The material uses stretches and is light and allows for a maximum work out. The products come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be custom made upon request..

You can contact me directly to place your online order.

Limited edition collections will be released every few months so be sure to come back and visit the 4 Ever Fit clothing range often.

    -   If you are not happy with the FIT, then we will exchange or replace - NO PROBLEM
    -   Crystals are subject to wear and tear
    -   Delivery lead time is approximately one week to 10 days from the factory (Johannesburg) assuming no delays with fabrics and sizing.         We will SMS the tracking number to the client once the parcel has been posted, the responsibility is on the client to track the parcel
        themselves. The client takes ownership once the parcel has been posted. (To date there have been no problems with delivery in
        this regard).

Enquire for further information.

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