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In the year 2000 I qualified as a beauty aesthetician, I was given the most incredible opportunity to sail the world on luxury cruise liners for three years and get an enormous amount of experience working and running Spa's.

I then moved to London, UK for three years and this is where I found my passion for Permanent Make Up and Fitness. I am a UK Certified Permanent Cosmetic Artist and attained the highest accreditation worldwide (CPCP USA). I started Flawless Permanent Professional Cosmetics some years ago as an all round cosmetics company. The aim of the business is to deliver the highest possible service for clients seeking natural, permanent or medical enhancements to their features. We also provide semi-permanent eyelash extensions using Xtreme Lashes (USA). These services are practiced using the most advanced international techniques, while adhering to strict hygiene and sanitation methods. My website can be visited at www.flawlesscosmetics.co.za.

Throughout my younger years I played numerous sports. I continue to be active in my daily routine by gyming, running, kettelbell training, kickboxing, attending Bikram yoga classes and wakeboarding. You name it I've done it! Through this I have managed to channel my energy into one of my biggest passions, which is physical fitness. I train daily not just for the body, but also for the mind and find this an exhilarating way to focus my energies.

I believe that investing the time in looking after your body and mind is certainly one of the single most important investments that you can make. I firmly believe that the returns can be measured in a significant enhancement in confidence, self esteem, improved relationships with others, as well as the ability to perform better at your daytime career.

Always, always, always put yourself and your health first, no matter how busy you are. Poor Energy = Poor Performance = Poor Profits.

If you struggle getting to the gym in the beginning do it gradually... even if you do 15-20 min cardio at least its something. I generally like doing my cardio in the morning and get a good energized start to the day.

I went from a skinny stick to a shapely athlete! I loved the curves from the muscle! I then decided to pursue a different career path. I have started studying Exercise Science as I love training and eating well. I am so excited about my new passion that I want to preach it to everyone! I feel awesome and I wanted everyone around me to feel as good as I do! I have already given so much motivation and hope to those who need that push and feel good in doing so. With that said I always put my faith in god and my wonderful family..

Every person has a story - the story of their own body or physical presence, if you will.

We all have different genetics, lifestyle and coupled with hard work and sometimes no work, still end up with a different result to everybody else.

The truth is though, that we all have the potential to be our own very best - whether in a physical context or other areas of our lives.

The most important thing is that this is about you, what you want to achieve with this opportunity.

Cutting a long story short, I have a long history with sport and exercise, I have competition and extensive training experience and achievements, I'm certified through HPFA and have an Diploma in Exercise Science also specializing in sports specific training. As well as a certified IKFF Russian Kettlebell instructor.

    -   Certified TP myofascial trigger point therapy specialist:
         Trigger Point products are based upon Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT), which bring additional blood flow and oxygen
         to muscle tissue. MCT is based on muscular compression and specific movements of the Trigger Point tools and muscle tissue
         to reset the muscle spindle while also addressing associated fascial dysfunctions and myofascial trigger points.

    -   Certified Bootcamp instructor - Tri Focus fitness academy

    -   Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutritionist

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the same.

As much as I preach about training and dieting hard, make sure it is something you enjoy doing otherwise you'll look at the gym as being something of a chore. You only live once. If you have dreams, pursue them now, no matter how far from reach they may seem. Make sure your attitude is in a healthy place and share your dreams with friends and work together to achieve them.

"In life you always have a choice; choose to do your best, and know that God will take care of the rest!"

Remember, we are a body, mind, soul and spirit. It is important that we nurture all parts equally.