Mobile Training

Training at your place and your pace!

4 Ever Fit Mobile Training was established in the view of realizing the need to accommodate individuals with busy lives or limited flexibility in attending a gym or studio. It has since proven to be a popular solution for many.

       -   Are you a new or experienced mother who doesn't have the time to get to a gym?
       -   Are you a business person who needs a scheduled, effective, in-out workout?
       -   Do you not have the time to make exercise a priority?
       -   Do you find gym's and all their equipment daunting?

4 Ever Fit has the solution.

Our 4 Ever Fit Mobile Training service allows you to be trained in the comfort and privacy of your own home with the direction, focus and attention of a qualified Personal Trainer. It's time effective, hassle-free and results-oriented. We are full equipped with all you need and we ensure that you are committed and on track each step of the way, which is just what you need! We have also developed our mobile training to offer outdoors (park, field, beach, etc.) or office-based training which can be part of your tailored program. We leave no excuses to live a healthy, body-fit life!

Because 4 Ever Fit is proud of the services we offer we have no hesitation in offering a FREE initial consultation. Personal Training is a one-to-one service and it is therefore important that you are happy and feel comfortable with your Personal Training Consultant

At the initial consultation we will not only provide you with an overview of our services, It also gives our personal training consultant an opportunity to answer any questions you have and is the first step in determining your goals and your current state of health and fitness

       -   A minimum of 2-3 sessions per week is expected to get initial results
       -   Mobile PT is R300 per session for an average of 10 sessions per month
       -   The fee is payable in advance every month
       -   Invoices are sent via text or email on the 1st of every month
       -   1 MONTHS notice is required when discontinuing this service
       -   Travel costs may apply depending on area
       -   Cancellation needs to be 24 hours in advance of session will be charged for

As an introductory offer to kickstart your fitness regime 4 Ever Fit is giving away 1 FREE session with your first 10 sessions you purchase

For a FREE introductory PT session, phone 4 Ever Fit today on 082 453 2695

Enquire for further information.

Stage Posing

You've worked so hard in the gym to get a body worthy of the contest stage; you've skipped family meals, avoided some of your favorite foods and endured weeks and months of extreme physical and mental challenge. However, all that hard work can be for not when it comes time to compete if you haven't mastered the art of posing and presentation. Most of those other competitors on stage with you have trained hard and sacrificed a lot to stand there next to you and in a lineup of physiques that are all in top shape, it is the competitor with the best posing and presentation that will come out on top.

Most importantly, proper posing will allow you to properly bring out the muscles and strong features that you are trying to highlight in each pose. However, proper posing and presentation makes you look natural on stage and helps you exude confidence which is also key to the judges. Don't neglect to focus on this essential part of competition as so many others do.

Manuela has experience in federations.

Posing is 1 hour long, group discounts available.