Nutritional Coaching Services

After doing a basic nutrition course in my Exercise Science diploma and experimenting on every diet possible and working with some amazing coaches..I knew I needed to learn more about Specific Sports nutrition I wanted to offer everything under one umbrella and also really help my clients get the results they're looking for. I have been I studying for my Precision Nutrition Certification part time since March 2013 and finally took (and passed) the exam in January 2014! It was a very challenging course and doing it distance learning via Canada was a huge challenge but Dr John Bernardi's philosophies are a cut above the rest and I am please to offer the absolute best to my clients.. I love the theory behind everything that I've learned and it really reinforced the nutritional best practices I have developed over the past few years.

In this course, not only did I learn more about the science of nutrition, but I learned how to be a better coach. This certification focused on teaching me how to help my clients (especially those who are already exercising) make improvements in health, performance and body composition. No fad diets, no crazy weight loss drugs. Just ways to live a healthy life and eat in a nutritious yet sustainable manner that can be kept up for life. :)

What are some nutritional changes you already know about right now that you can implement to improve your health?

Looking for help or a once off customised eating plan or 6 week dietary plan or even to join my weight loss challenge please contact me 082 453 2695.

R350 once off plan includes 2 changes

R500 6 week plan with exercise includes 2 progress adjustments

R800 6 week plan with exercise, 2 progress adjustments, 3 body assessments (Before-Midway-After)

These may all be customisable so please feel free to email me

Enquire for further information.