Online Personal Training

Online personal Training is perfect for specific goals such as:

       -   Training for an upcoming competition
       -   Sculpting your body for an upcoming event
       -   It is also recommended for more general goals such as:
       -   Increasing fitness
       -   Losing weight and toning up
       -   Gaining energy and vitality
       -   Improving mobility and strength

Online PT offer's tailor-made packages and programs that address your goals and suit your lifestyle. Unlike one-on-one personal training with online personal training any time you have a question or concern you can contact your personal trainer by email 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Even if you go on holidays you can keep in touch.

Full Online PT plus extensive goals setting and body evaluation consult is R700 per month with a months payment in advance (Cancellation requires one months written notice).
This includes diets, training program, BMI analysis and 2 advanced body composition assessments and constant support.

INCLUDED: Welcome pack with a COMPLIMENTARY gym towel and 4 Ever Fit drawstring satchel.

For a Complimentary basic consultation, phone 4 Ever Fit today on 082 453 2695

Stage Posing

You've worked so hard in the gym to get a body worthy of the contest stage; you've skipped family meals, avoided some of your favorite foods and endured weeks and months of extreme physical and mental challenge. However, all that hard work can be for not when it comes time to compete if you haven't mastered the art of posing and presentation. Most of those other competitors on stage with you have trained hard and sacrificed a lot to stand there next to you and in a lineup of physiques that are all in top shape, it is the competitor with the best posing and presentation that will come out on top.

Most importantly, proper posing will allow you to properly bring out the muscles and strong features that you are trying to highlight in each pose. However, proper posing and presentation makes you look natural on stage and helps you exude confidence which is also key to the judges. Don't neglect to focus on this essential part of competition as so many others do.

Manuela has experience in federations.

Posing is 1 hour long, group discounts available.