Professional Training [ Nutritional Fitness Coaching ]

4 Ever Fit starter package is a 6 week customised program designed to provide a structured approach and supportive environment to enable long-term eating and exercise habit change. The program is a lifestyle eating program and is customised to suit your needs. It begins with an initial one on one consultation or evaluation (+-45 min ) - at your home or office or Wellness in Motion. At this consultation you will cover the following:

    1.   Look at your current eating habits and what alterations you will need to make for a more
          balanced diet.
    2.   Customised Nutrition program will be explained in depth with recipes, shopping list,
          weekly planners and meal suggestions included.
    3.   Assess your current supplementation use and possible recommendations if necessary.
    4.   Learn what should actually be in your fridge and pantry.
    5.   Create lifestyle goals and a nutrition plan for moving forward beyond the 6 weeks.
    6.   Body Composition assessment at week 1 and in week 6; body fat percentage, measurements,
          waist to hip ratio, weight.
    7.   Address current lifestyle challenges
    8.   Metabolism, Glycaemic Index and wholefood nutrition is also covered.
    9.   Full advanced body analysis scanning your entire inner body - calculating muscle mass,
          fat mass, bone density, metabolic age, Water percentage etc

Other specific and specialized training for:
Strength training, flexibility training, pre natal and post natal, elderly clients, cardiac patients, osteoporosis and arthritis, children's program and weight loss, bootcamp instructor, Trigger point specialist.

Professional training services are offered at the elite Wellness in Motion Private Gym:

Wellness In Motion's PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS assess, motivate and prescribe a workout regime designed around your individual requirements focused on function, movement and longevity. WIM professional trainers take a innovative approach to program development by an in-depth look at your current fitness level, building a challenging program that will continuously stimulate the body and mind inspiring you to progress.

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Stage Posing

You've worked so hard in the gym to get a body worthy of the contest stage; you've skipped family meals, avoided some of your favorite foods and endured weeks and months of extreme physical and mental challenge. However, all that hard work can be for not when it comes time to compete if you haven't mastered the art of posing and presentation. Most of those other competitors on stage with you have trained hard and sacrificed a lot to stand there next to you and in a lineup of physiques that are all in top shape, it is the competitor with the best posing and presentation that will come out on top.

Most importantly, proper posing will allow you to properly bring out the muscles and strong features that you are trying to highlight in each pose. However, proper posing and presentation makes you look natural on stage and helps you exude confidence which is also key to the judges. Don't neglect to focus on this essential part of competition as so many others do.

Manuela has experience in federations.

Posing is 1 hour long, group discounts available.